Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

We are pleased to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for kids under the age of 16. Youth may volunteer with a parent, guardian, or approved family member who will be their adult volunteer partner. Youth volunteer opportunities include:

Dog Socialization

The shelter environment may be stressful for an animal. To help overcome this stress, we depend on volunteers to help give the animals extra attention needed to feel happy! We have five play yards for dog exercise. Our goal is for each dog to get out of its kennel and into a play yard a minimum of three times a day. Volunteers play a vital role in accomplishing this goal. Volunteers are encouraged to take dogs into yards to play, work on commands, be brushed, and just loved on! The human interaction that dogs get through this volunteer socialization helps prevent aggressive behavior, as well depression in the animals.

Cat Socialization

Cats have specific needs that must be met in order for them to be successful in a shelter environment. We have a cat room filled with toys, treats, brushes, and windows to help meet these needs. Our goal is to get every cat out of its kennel at least three times a day. Volunteers are encouraged to let cats out to play, be brushed, given treats, and cuddled! Sometimes all you need to do to make a cat’s day is curl up in our rocking chair with it, and give it some love!

Community Outreach

We believe that the humane treatment of animals applies on the community level. We try to get the animals in the shelter out into the community, and educate the community on what we do! Outreach Volunteers help with taking animals into nursing homes, Petco, PetSmart, and other outreach events. On average, outreach volunteers assist with events once or twice a month.

Fundraising and Events

We receive no public funding and rely heavily on donations and fundraising efforts to keep our shelter running. Volunteers make these fundraising events a success! Having youth volunteers at fundraisers and other events helps the community see what a difference young people can make in the lives of animals. At events youth volunteers can perform a variety of tasks including handling animals, helping with event activities, and setup/tear down of the event. Being a fundraising and events volunteer is a great way to get involved without committing to a set weekly schedule.

Happy Tales Reading Program

Want to help your kids brush up on their reading skills? Happy Tales helps children increase their reading skills and self-confidence by reading aloud to our adoptable dogs and cats. It also benefits our adoptable animals by allowing them valuable time socializing with people. Happy Tales is open year-round to children in K-8th grade. Kids may bring a book from home to read or use one from our library. Learn more here.

To become a youth volunteer, we ask that you do the following

Requirements for adults partnering with youth volunteers

  • Volunteering with a child is a memorable and unique experience. When you are volunteering with a youth volunteer, you are considered a volunteer yourself. Adult partner volunteers must submit a volunteer application, and attend a volunteer orientation. Please submit a separate volunteer application for each person volunteering.
  • To be a partner volunteer to a youth volunteer you must be the youth’s parent, guardian, or family member over the age of 21.

For more information about our youth volunteer program, please call us at 541.928.2789 or email volunteer@safehavenhumane.com.