Surrendering Your Pet

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Surrendering a Pet

We understand that surrendering your companion can be a very difficult time for you and your family. If you can no longer care for your pet, it is important that you research and understand your options – your pet’s life depends on it.

Many unwanted animal behaviors that lead to someone wanting to surrender a pet can be corrected. If you are considering re-homing your pet because of behavior issues and would like to consult with a professional trainer before making a final decision, click here for a list of local trainers. We also have an online behavior resource library with information on many topics that you may find helpful in solving common behavior problems.

If you choose SafeHaven Humane Society to find a new home for your dog or cat, please call 541-928-2789 to make an appointment. We have a no-kill philosophy and we are dedicated to caring for and finding loving, permanent homes for the animals residing at our shelter. Once an animal is accepted by SafeHaven, there is no limit to the amount of time that animal can spend here. As a result, there are, unfortunately, times when we do not have the space to accept more animals.


We accept only owner-surrendered dogs and puppies. Due to country guidelines, strays must be taken to Linn County Dog Control and serve stray time. This process is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


We accept owner-surrendered and stray cats and kittens BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We are unable to take feral cats as we have neither the staff, equipment, or space to do so safely. If you need a feral cat(s) spayed or neutered and can continue caring for them, contact the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon for more information.


For all pet surrenders, we do charge an intake fee that helps us cover the costs of caring for your animal while we find them a new home. We also ask that you fill out a dog surrender questionnaire or a cat surrender questionnaire and submit it to us at the time of surrender.

For residents of Linn and Benton counties:
Dog intake fee is $60 or $70 for a litter
Cat intake fee is $50 or $70 per litter

For those living outside Linn and Benton counties, the intake charge is a flat fee of $100.

We are more than happy to help answer any of your questions during this time. Please call our Intake Department at 541.928.6280 or email for more information to make a surrender appointment.

Home to Home Program

We do our best to ensure pets have the best possible stay here with us at the shelter. Despite our efforts, shelters are undoubtedly a stressful place for most animals. That’s why we’ve partnered with Home To Home™. Home To Home™ allows pets to find new homes without having to enter the shelter. We understand that needing to find a new home for a pet is sometimes a difficult reality. Home To Home™ allows pet guardians to find the best fit for their pet and provides the opportunity for adopters to know all about their personality and preferences first-hand from the original guardian.

Home To Home™ is free for both guardians and adopters, and helps keep pets out of shelters through direct home placement. To learn more, visit our Home To Home™ website.