Foster Care

Foster Care

Volunteer foster caregivers provide temporary, in-home care for a homeless pet(s). The foster program is one of the most important aspects of our life-saving impact as it allows us to help animals who are not yet available for adoption, such as underage kittens and puppies, pregnant or nursing mothers with babies, ill or injured animals, or shy/under socialized animals.

We place more than 2,300 dogs, cats, and small mammals in adoptive homes each year, and about 1,000 of these animals get their start in our foster care program. We could not accomplish our mission, goals, or save nearly as many lives without foster caregivers. Fostering an animal is a wonderful way to experience the joy of owning a pet for those who are unable to make a permanent commitment to an animal.

Top reasons to become a foster parent:

  • Care for an animal without a long-term commitment
  • Watch animals heal, love, and trust again due to your nurturing and time
  • #FosterOneSaveOne: When animals are placed in foster care, more shelter space opens up for us to rescue more animals.
  • Cuddle puppies and kittens!


Have you ever been curious about fostering a pet? Join us for a Foster Care Orientation! Foster Care Orientations will only be held on the first Tuesday of each month until further notice. at SafeHaven in our Humane Education room to learn about fostering, how to care for bottle baby kittens, how to market fosters for adoption, and more! No RSVP required.

Can’t make it to an orientation but still want to get in touch? Great! If you think fostering an animal is something you would be interested in, give us a call at 541.926.2924 or email Ready to get started? Download our foster care application and agreement.