Sponsor a Pet

Sponsor a Pet

Sponsor A Pet

At SafeHaven, we care for over 2,500 animals each year. We wouldn’t be able to do this without your support. Some animals find homes quickly, while others wait many months. By sponsoring one of our pets waiting for adoption, you will be making a tax-deductible donation that will help us provide the care, nourishment, and shelter your animal needs. Tax ID # 93-0676661.

For only $25.00 you can show a homeless animal they’re not alone. You may not be able to take them home, but you can still change their world. We encourage you to share your sponsored pet with your friends/family and help us find him/her a home! Once you sponsor a pet, they will receive an ‘I’m Sponsored’ paw on their kennel so everyone will know they are loved.

Once your sponsored pet finds a home, you will be notified of their adoption.


If you have any questions about sponsoring a shelter animal please contact Carly at carly@safehavenhumane.com or 541-926-2924 ext. 102.