Caring With Cans

Recycle for a Reason

Easily support the animals at SafeHaven with your bottles and cans!

It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Follow these simple steps to recycle your cans and bottles all while saving animals and helping them find perfect forever homes.

  1. GET. Pick up your blue Bottle Drop bag from SafeHaven (the shelter, either Gift & Thrift stores, or we can mail one to you)!
  2. FILL. Fill your blue Bottle Drop bag with recyclable bottles and cans.
  3.  DROP. Bring your full Bottle Drop bag to SafeHaven or to ANY Bottle Drop Center in Oregon. As long as the bag is from SafeHaven, the funds will be allocated to the animals in our care. Find a location here.

In 2022, this program alone brought over $11,000 to the animals at SafeHaven and ensured they were taken care of until they found their forever home.

Please reach out to us for any questions or for a mailed Bottle Drop Bag.