Remy’s Happily Ever After

October 5, 2022

You won’t want to miss this one

Happy tears have been shed! Our longest resident, Remy, has been adopted!
Remy has spent most of her life in the shelter. She has been fearful of new situations and it takes time for her to trust people. She has bonded with the staff and volunteers and brings joy to us all every day. And once Remy knows she can trust you, she is the sweetest, smartest, most loyal friend. Because Remy needed someone to go slow with her and give her time to trust them, she wouldn’t be a dog that you could meet and take home the same day. A woman named Franny reached out to us at the end of July with interest in Remy. We explained her situation and Franny committed to coming to the shelter and working with staff to help Remy become comfortable with her. On Friday, September 30th, Franny came to officially adopt Remy and make her a part of her family! Staff and volunteers celebrated Remy’s last days in the shelter with a pool filled with toys just for her, special treats, and even wrote a book with “Letters to Remy.” When we say tears were shed, we mean it. Remy had been in our care for 578 consecutive days at this point and she had become a huge part of our SafeHaven family. Franny told us, “I am the lucky one. Remy checked me out and approved!”
Many of you know our largest event of the year, Rescue Roundup, is right around the corner. While this year we have chosen to remain virtual, during our in-person event we have a portion of the night known as “Paws for the Cause” that raises crucial funds to help keep our shelter going and give animals just like Remy all the time they need to find their forever home! Today, please consider taking a moment to “paws for the cause” and make a donation in honor of Remy. While we celebrate her, we know there are millions of more animals who need help just like her. And right now, your donation will be matched by an anonymous donor!