SafeHaven’s Summer Camps are back and we are excited! This year we are pleased to offer many opportunities for kids to visit the shelter for a day of fun, friends, and fur. Each day will include valuable socialization time spent with our adoptable animals. *Please note that ages should reflect the grade your child will be going into in the 2024-2025 school year.* Camp pre-registration is required. If you would like more details, want to reserve a space, or have any questions, please contact Katie at or call 541-928-2789. Let’s get this party started!

Fun and Fur Camps

Monday-Thursday | $180 per child | 9am-3pm

Get ready for an exciting adventure at our Fun and Fur camps at the animal shelter! Campers will have a blast playing fun games, getting creative with animal-themed crafts, and learning all about how they can help animals in need.
But the best part of camp? Spending time with our adorable adoptable animals! Campers will have the opportunity to interact with and care for our furry friends, from playful puppies to cuddly kittens. They’ll also get to learn about animal behavior, proper pet care, and the importance of adoption. In addition to all the fun activities, campers will also have the chance to give back by volunteering at the shelter. Whether it’s helping clean cages, creating cat toys, or socializing with dogs, campers will make a difference in the lives of our animals and learn the value of kindness and compassion.

Fun and Fur and Animal Adventure camps will need to bring a sack lunch.

Animal Adventure Camps

Single day experiences | 9am-4pm | $70 per child | Different theme each day

Join us for a fun-filled day at our Animal Adventure Camps at the animal shelter! These one-day camps are perfect for animal-loving kids who want to spend time with amazing adoptable animals and learn more about how to care for them. Throughout the day, campers will have the opportunity to play games, make animal-themed crafts, and take part in activities centered around that day’s specific theme. They will also have the chance to interact with the shelter’s furry residents, giving them lots of love and attention.

These camps are a great way for kids to learn about responsible pet ownership and the importance of animal welfare in a fun and engaging way. So come join us for a day of animal-filled adventures and help make a difference in the lives of our furry friends!

Fun and Fur and Animal Adventure camps will need to bring a sack lunch.

Youth Volunteer Sessions

6th-9th grade | $15 per participant | 9am-12pm

Are you an animal lover who wants to make a difference in the lives of shelter pets? As a volunteer, you will have the chance to help with shelter cleaning and projects to create a safe and welcoming environment for our furry friends. You will also have the opportunity to spend time socializing and playing with our adoptable animals, providing them with much-needed love and attention. This is a great opportunity for kids who have a passion for animals and want to give back to their community in a meaningful way. By volunteering at our shelter, you will not only be making a positive impact on the lives of our animals, but you will also be gaining valuable skills and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Registration fees are nonrefundable. Unused registration fees may be applied to other humane education programs during the same calendar year or be considered a donation. To be considered unused, you must notify SafeHaven that you cannot attend at least 10 days before the event is to begin, so we have time to reopen your space(s).


Summer Camps

  • Please fill out a separate form for each child if you would like to sign up multiple.
    Please fill out a separate form for each child. The camps with spaces available are listed here. If there is a camp not listed here due to being at capacity, please email to be added to our waitlist! FULL CAMPS INCLUDE: 7/30
    I give permission for child to participate in activities at SafeHaven Humane Society. I am doing so entirely upon my own initiative, risk, and responsibility. I hereby for myself, my heirs, my executor’s remise, release and discharge SafeHaven Humane Society, its officers and employees from all claims, demands, actions, or cause of action on account of any injury to me, my child, or my property which may occur during my time at SafeHaven. I also give SafeHaven Humane Society permission to use photos/footage of my child(ren) in future publications in regards to SafeHaven’s Humane Education programs.