Mary’s Story

August 4, 2020

Meet Mary

If you visited the shelter any time between July 2017 and October 2018, you might have met Mary. She was a sweet tabby cat, wearing a blue bib you couldn’t miss. Her story is one that exemplifies our mission of finding homes for animals…no matter how long it takes.

Mary was sweet and affectionate. She truly liked the company of visitors, so we wondered why she spent so much time at SafeHaven. Such an easygoing girl, Mary even enjoyed walks outside with her harness. Who wouldn’t want a cat like that to share their days? Maybe it was the blue fleece cone around her neck that threw people off. She wore it to prevent her from licking herself uncontrollably, due to a skin condition. Staff members say Mary actually grew to appreciate her bib, which they lovingly referred to as her ‘cape’. Even though staff knew Mary enjoyed her cape, could it be the reason no one wanted to adopt Mary?

We may never know the true reasons why Mary spent 473 days at SafeHaven. What we do know is that she was able to be here, as long as she needed, because of donors and supporters like you. We are happy to report that Mary has a loving home now! Her family shared with us that she has doing great in her new home.

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