Magnolia’s Story

August 19, 2020

Meet Magnolia

Found abandoned on an old logging road in March 2020, completely emaciated with two very badly infected gunshot wounds, Magnolia got her second chance with your help! SafeHaven partnered with Linn County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control and stepped in to provide the necessary and urgent medical attention Magnolia needed. This included the removal of two 9mm bullets, medications needed, and much more to get this girl back in good health.

Fortunately, Magnolia went into a loving foster home where she stayed for multiple weeks. She is now living in her forever home with Izzy, the woman who originally found her that day in the woods. Izzy fell in love with Magnolia and adopted her as soon as she was healthy. SafeHaven is honored to be part of Magnolia’s journey to recovery and her story reminds us that animals need us to continue to be there for them, even when our world is in crisis.

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