Ellie’s Story

August 4, 2020

Meet Ellie

Ellie arrived from Mexico in October 2018 with her litter of puppies. Cut free from a heavy chain with bolt cutters, she got a second chance. After a past we could only assume was troubling, she came to SafeHaven with little trust for humans, a low tolerance for other dogs, and little joy in her heart. Her puppies were quickly adopted but Ellie remained waiting.

The staff at SafeHaven knew that underneath her tough exterior was a sweet, playful girl who would make the right someone very happy. Very slowly, Ellie began trusting people. At first, this included a handful of staff members and volunteers. After some more time, Ellie became more open to meeting new people. Fortunately, Ellie got to stay at SafeHaven as long as she needed to find her forever home.

After 435 days at SafeHaven, Ellie finally found a family to love. A mother and teenage daughter with no other animals were seeking a support animal just like Ellie. When they met for the first time, it was obvious she had found her people and she bonded with them immediately. Everyone said the same thing when they saw her leave: “It’s like she knows she’s finally going home.” Ellie is still doing great and we receive updates regularly. Her story remains a constant reminder of how important it is to give animals as long as it takes to find the perfect home.

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