Our Adoptable Dogs & Puppies

All of our dogs and puppies available for adoption are listed below. Click on the photo for additional information. Because an adoption can happen at any time, we encourage you to give us a call about a dog or puppy you may have an interest in. To learn about adoption procedures, check out our How to Adopt page.



Throughout the year, any VETERAN adopting an animal from us will receive $25 off the adoption fee.


SafeHaven Humane Society Seniors + Seniors program offers half-priced adoption fees to adults over the age of 60 who adopt a cat or dog over the age of 5.

  • There are so many great things about a senior pet! They’re typically housebroken and well beyond those puppy years of digging, chewing and jumping on visitors. Often they come from nice homes and were given up because their previous owner could no longer provide proper care. Studies show that pet companionship is especially beneficial for senior citizens, and can help improve owner health by lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.
  • We hope this program will help some of our wonderful, more mature animals find loving forever homes while helping seniors in our community who may benefit from having a pet companion! For more details, stop by the shelter or give us a call at 541.928.2789.