Doggy Day Out Application

Most dogs are at their best when they are out of the shelter. Some dogs require daily enrichment out of the shelter to keep their minds active and vibrant. Our outing programs allow visitors to provide outing opportunities to our shelter dogs while getting to explore!

Please note that if you intend to bring friends or family with you, only the responsible party needs to fill out this form. Only one dog may travel in a car at a time. SafeHaven dogs on a Doggy Day Out may not interact with each other or other dogs in the community.

Once you’ve submitted the application below, keep scrolling to reserve a pickup time. Please ensure the name you use matches on both forms.

Please allow at least 24 hours from reservation to pickup so we can plan for your day out.

  • The responsible handler of your dog must be 18 years or older!
  • If you are bringing a friend along, please list their name here. Friends traveling in the same car may only take out one dog together.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.