Training FAQs

What is SafeHaven’s training philosophy?

At SafeHaven Humane Society, we are committed to using positive, rewards-based training methods to help dog owners build healthy relationships with their canine family members. From puppy socialization to basic manners and sports, we offer a variety of classes year round. Class sizes are kept small to ensure personalized attention.

Are there any special requirements?

Proof of vaccinations required for DHPPV, Bordetella, and Rabies (when age appropriate). 

What kind of information does the training staff need to know about your dog?

Clients must notify trainer prior to classes, workshops or private lessons if their dog has a history of dog or human directed reactivity/aggression (Dog Reactivity refers to a dog, who in the presence of people or other dogs, is hyper-excitable, barks at, whines at, lunges at, paces, is hyper-vigilant around, and/ or has difficulty calming down). Trainers would also like to know if your dog is overly fearful or phobic and if that is getting in the know of your dog being able to function (i.e. will your dog be too scared to be here?).

What if my dog can’t make classes? Is there a way for me to get the information?

Yes! You can audit any of our classes for 50% off the class fee. 

Are there any benefits for us if we adopted a dog from SafeHaven?

Yes! With every adoption, you receive a free hour of training. This doesn’t expire, but we do recommend that you use it within 6 weeks of your adoption so we can help you with any issues you might be having as soon as possible.

Our dog is my son/daughters. Can they attend training classes by themselves?

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult when participating in a workshop, private training lessons or training classes, including Puppy Socialization