SafeHaven Adopted Dogs and Puppies

Congratulations on your new pet! Here’s what SafeHaven offers to our alumni.

SafeHaven Alumni Training Consultation

  • Every shelter dog or puppy adopted from the shelter is entitled to one free hour of training. This offer does not expire.
  • Hour appointment to be used to help adopters get off to the right start with their dog or puppy.
  • Can be used to discuss and begin hands-on training with their dog on a wide variety of topics:
    • Puppy 101 (chewing, mouthing, potty training, etc.).
    • Basic Manners/Training Skills (leash pulling, come when called, etc.)
    • Behavioral Issues (Digging, door bolting, counter surfing, etc.)
    • Help for Sensitive or Reactive Dogs

A training consultation is also a good way to determine if a SafeHaven training class would be a good fit for a newly adopted shelter dog. Schedule a training consultation by emailing or calling 541-928-6743.