SafeHaven Adopted Dogs and Puppies

Congratulations on your new pet! Here’s what SafeHaven offers to our alumni.

SafeHaven Alumni Training Consultation

  • Every shelter dog or puppy adopted from the shelter is entitled to one free hour of training. This offer does not expire.
  • Hour appointment to be used to help adopters get off to the right start with their dog or puppy.
  • Can be used to discuss and begin hands-on training with their dog on a wide variety of topics:
    • Puppy 101 (chewing, mouthing, potty training, etc.).
    • Basic Manners/Training Skills (leash pulling, come when called, etc.)
    • Behavioral Issues (Digging, door bolting, counter surfing, etc.)
    • Help for Sensitive or Reactive Dogs

A training consultation is also a good way to determine if a SafeHaven training class would be a good fit for a newly adopted shelter dog. Schedule a training consultation by emailing or calling 541-928-6743.

Socialization Classes

SafeHaven puppies can attend Puppy Socialization on Sundays for no cost.

Social/Non-Reactive puppies and dogs over 6 months can attend Socialization “Recess”on Friday mornings at no cost.

Please click the links above to register for these classes before arrival. Use the promo code “Puppy” to waive the registration fee.