Puppy Classes

Adolescent Fundamentals

Adolescent Fundamentals is designed to further your puppy’s education as they transition into the teenage phase. This class focuses on furthering obedience skills and manners, providing socialization and building impulse control through training exercises and games. Training includes platform work, teaching leave-its, loose leash walking, and much more.
Puppies will have opportunities to socialize with their classmates during supervised play sessions. This class is best suited for puppies 5 months-1 year of age.

Dogs that are reactive to people or other dogs will not be eligible for class without trainer approval. Is your puppy not quite five months old? Consider taking Surviving Puppyhood instead.

Surviving Puppyhood

This six week class introduces puppies to important training games and life skills in a fun and enriching atmosphere. Curriculum in Surviving Puppyhood include:

The importance of early socialization, basic training skills such as sit, down and drop it, introduction to leash walking skills, potty training, mouthing, chewing, and jumping

Puppies should be no older than 20 weeks at the start of class. If your puppy is older than the recommended age, please join Adolescent Fundamentals (for puppies 5 months to 1 year of age) instead.

Small Dog Play Group (20 pounds and under)

Little dogs want to have fun too! This one hour indoor play group allows your pint sized pooch to meet and interact with other little dogs in a controlled environment. This course is not designed to reduce reactivity or aggression in any dog. Dogs that react fearfully or aggressively towards other dogs are not eligible for this class and will be dismissed from the play group.


Class is broken down into periods of off-leash play and socialization with puppies of like ages. The class also includes a quick training session that will focus on weekly themes including grooming/cooperative care, simple obedience skills, exploring new obstacles and greeting people without jumping. Our socialization classes are not suited for overly fearful dogs or those displaying aggression.

Puppy Socialization 1: Preschool (for toy breed puppies or those up to four months)

Sunday @ 10:00 AM

Puppy Socialization 2: Kindergarten (For large breed puppies or those four-six months)

Sunday @ 11:00 AM

Puppy Socialization 3: Recess! (For six months to young adulthood)

Friday @ 10:00 AM

Small Dog Play Group (20 pounds and under of any age)