Our Team

Each of our departments is led by proven individuals who are steadfastly committed to our mission of Finding Homes, Opening Hearts and Educating Minds:

Executive Director:

Chris Storm

Operations Manager:

Brian Walters

Human Resources/Finance Manager:

Molly Jimenez

Volunteer Coordinator:

Kim Gray

Marketing & Communications Specialist:

Chris Singer

Events Coordinator:

Brittani Milani

Humane Education Coordinator:

Katie Bateman

Training & Enrichment:

Kaysha Rogers

Gift & Thrift Manager:

Jodi Javage

If you need to speak with or contact any of the above, please use the form below and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also call our shelter at 541.928.2789.

To get in touch with us about our website, please contact our Marketing & Communications Specialist.