Our Story

SafeHaven: A True Community Resource

For over 40 years, SafeHaven Humane Society continues to help our communities’ residents and animals by providing compassionate temporary shelter care, healthy adoptable animals, animal welfare information and resources, humane education, and population control through spay and neuter programs, instead of euthanasia.

Finding Homes…Opening Hearts…Educating Minds to strengthen and improve the lives of animals and people.

We envision a community where every adoptable, treatable companion animal has a loving home and where every loving home has the opportunity to care for a companion animal.

We are guided by the belief that no adoptable or treatable companion animal should be unnecessarily euthanized due to space, time, appearance or treatable conditions. We are committed to:

  • Giving a new chance to companion animals who would otherwise be discarded.
  • Strengthening the humane animal bond through education.
  • Helping people and their companion animals stay together through the support of programs and services.
  • Leading responsibly with compassion.