Life On The Ranch (Leo’s story continued…) 2

Sometimes you just know when a dog is the right one for a potential adopter, or maybe it’s the other way around actually. Sometimes you just know when that potential adopter is definitely the right human for that one-of-a-kind dog.

For Cheri Rich, it definitely didn’t hurt her chances that she was willing to drive 128 miles each way from Crescent, OR, for the opportunity to adopt Leo. Cheri did this several times in order to meet with Leo and his foster parent, Miriam Orzol.

Since moving from Southern California, Cheri and her family have dreamed of having a cattle dog for their ranch. They originally came to SafeHaven to look at another dog but ended up adopting Dierks (formerly known as Scruffy).

Shortly after adopting Dierks, Cheri realized he needed a friend so after her daughter saw Leo on the SafeHaven website, they decided to make another trip north to Tangent.

Cheri and Leo fell for each other almost immediately. Leo now joins Dierks, three cats, and a rabbit on the ranch.

He now spends his day on the ranch hiking, swimming, and running. He loves chasing chipmunks and birds too. After an exciting day, Leo happily spends the night in Cheri’s cozy bed snuggled up beside her.

Sounds like Leo made a great choice.

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