Classroom Visits

In our quest to begin animal education at an early age, as well as to continue it throughout a lifetime, we are happy to partner with schools and teachers to bring humane education to kids in the classroom. We will bring an animal related age appropriate lesson, learning materials, and, if possible, a SafeHaven animal ambassador to your classroom. Most lessons last approximately 30 minutes.

As part of each presentation, students are given the opportunity to practice safely meeting and petting our animal ambassadors. They will also receive a takeaway gift. Teachers may choose from our list of established lessons or suggest a new lesson or topic that would tie into or support curriculum they are already teaching.

SafeHaven story time is an available option for Preschool and Kindergarten classes. We bring a shelter animal and book to your class and share story time with students. This program is ideal for younger kids who might not be interested in a lesson.

Here is a list of classroom presentation topics:


  • The Perfect Pet for Me
  • Holiday Pet Safety
  • Pet Safety
  • Being a Responsible Pet Parent
  • The Cost of Free Pets


  • Story Time

1st and UP

  • Adopt vs. Shop
  • Educated Animals
  • Animals’ Life Span
  • Pets: Domestic vs. Wild

2nd and UP

  • The Five Freedoms
  • Homes & Habits
  • SafeHaven: What We Do (Volunteering and Careers)

3rd and UP

  • Animal Advocacy
  • Spay/Neuter/Overpopulation
  • Hoarding/Puppy Mills

Presentations are free, but donations are gladly accepted!

If you would like more information or are interested in scheduling a classroom visit from SafeHaven, please contact Katie at