At Home Humane Education

We believe the best way to ensure a more humane society is to teach kids compassion and respect for all animals! Unfortunately during this time, many of our Humane Education activities have been suspended due to COVID-19. We are still committed to providing you with a variety of activities and programs to do at home though! Together we can help nurture the next animal welfare leaders of our future!

Meeting New Animals Safely:

One of the most important things we teach and encourage at SafeHaven is effective and kind practices when meeting new animals. You know what they say, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”. Recommended practices for this process have changed a lot throughout the years, but we’ve found a method that promotes safety, confidence, and comfort for everyone involved. The 4 P’s emphasize consent, utilizing the same space, and letting things happen in their own time, versus rushing into things. Just like our relationships with other humans, relationships with our animal friends need to grow over time and trust needs to be built.  By practicing the 4 P’s with your kiddos you are setting them up for a lifetime of success.

Domestic and Wild, Tamed and Trained:

Kids are often surprised to learn how many differences there are in the types of animals, and what qualifies an animal for each category. It is important that we help them learn to distinguish the differences, and that we teach our kiddos how to treat each different type of animal with the respect, empathy, and compassion they deserve. Let’s play Wild vs Pet Bingo to continue with this lesson!

Our Favorite Crafts:

During many of our Humane Education camps, we like to incorporate a fun craft so the kids have something to take home with them. Here are some of our favorite crafts:

Simple Stretchy Slime

Four Strand Tug Toy

DIY Cat Toy

Dog & Cat Masks