Adult Dog Classes

Family Dog – Basic Manners

Family Dog Basic Manners teaches dogs how to be a polite family pets. Dogs learn important and practical life skills such as how to walk politely on a loose lead, come quickly when called, lay quietly on a dog bed when company arrives, not bark at a door bell, stay around distractions and leave food on the counter tops. This class is a wonderful way to introduce dogs to important training skills using force free training techniques.

Come When Called

Recall, or come when called training, is essential for a dog’s safety and well-being. This three week group course focuses specifically on building a really reliable recall in a way that is enjoyable for both dogs and their owners! This valuable course covers the basics of teaching Come When Called as well a recall cue that can be used in emergency situations. This class also highlights ways to enhance and strengthen or repair the relationship between a dog and their owner.

Reactive Rover

Reactive Rover is a popular course that walks you through living with and managing a reactive dog. Whether your dog barks and lunges at other dogs or is wary of strangers, this is the class for you. Learn why dogs become reactive, gain insight on how to use positive, non-aversive methods to prevent and treat it and have a little fun with your dog along the way! All dogs must have a behavior consultation prior to attending class to determine if Reactive Rover is an appropriate choice for the individual dog. Cost for the consultation is $45.

Fearful Fido

Fearful Fido designed specifically to help sensitive dogs become more confident. This course will teach you how to empower your dog through a series of confidence boosting games and fun exercises. You will learn how to use desensitization and counter conditioning to help your dog feel more comfortable around potential stress triggers, as well as techniques to help your dog achieve relaxation in public. Additional topics covered range from strategies to help dogs with mild separation anxiety to exercises to help dogs that are shy around guests. This class is deliberately kept small to address individual dog needs and to limit potential stress.

Dog Parkour

Dog Parkour combines many elements of human parkour and various dog sports in a fun and unique way! This exciting, noncompetitive training course introduces dogs to fun new obstacles and challenges including jumps, platforms, objects to climb and balance on and much more.

Skills learned in Dog Parkour is applicable to other canine sports because it teaches body awareness, increases range of motion, balance and builds confidence. This course is open to physically healthy dogs of all backgrounds.

Great Greetings

Great Greetings is class is designed to teach dogs and their people how handle life’s exciting moments, like when guests come to the door, or you encounter strangers on walks. In class dogs learn how to to approach people politely, without jumping. Class also covers how to teach dogs to settle on a mat, return to you even when distracted and more.