Adult Dog Classes


Family Dog – Basic Manners

Family Dog Basic Manners teaches dogs how to be a polite family pet. Dogs learn important and practical life skills such as how to walk politely on a loose lead, come quickly when called, lay quietly on a dog bed when company arrives, not bark at a doorbell, stay around distractions and leave food on the countertops.

Cost: $100 | Length: (6) 1 hour sessions
Tuesday 11/6/2018 @ 6:00 PM

Dog Parkour I

Dog Parkour combines many elements of human parkour and various dog sports in a fun and unique way! This
exciting, noncompetitive training course introduces dogs to fun new obstacles and challenges including jumps, platforms, objects to climb and balance on and much more.

Skills learned in Dog Parkour is applicable to other canine sports because it teaches body awareness, increases the range of motion, balance and builds confidence. This course is open to physically healthy dogs of all backgrounds.

All participating dogs must be tolerant of other dogs and people.

Cost: $75.00 Length: (4) 1 hour lessons
Monday 11/19/2018 @ 6:00 PM